Tanner Industries - Distributor of anhydrous and aqua ammonia

January 18, 2002
Philadelphia, PA

Tanner Industries, Inc. Receives 2001 Facility Leadership Award

Tanner Industries, Inc. received the 2001 Facility Leadership Award presented by the Philadelphia Local Emergency Planning Committee (PLEPC). This award is presented annually by the PLEPC to facilities that exhibit superior effort and leadership by participating in and generating programs that protect the health and safety of employees, communities and the environment. Tanner received the award for its Ammonia Safety & Emergency Response programs that it facilitates not only in the Philadelphia area, but throughout the country. Receiving the award for Tanner Industries, Inc. was Greg Tanner, Vice-President of Transportation, and David Binder, Director of Quality, Safety & Regulatory Affairs. Mr. Binder also serves on the PLEPC.

Martha Anderson, Chairperson of the PLEPC, congratulated Tanner Industries, as well as other Philadelphia companies that support the PLEPC, which have gone above and beyond just minimum requirements with their efforts in fostering product stewardship, community and industry education, community outreach and emergency preparedness programs.

Tanner Industries, Inc., family owned and operated, is a specialty chemical company, primarily dealing with industrial ammonia products and services. It operates a facility in Philadelphia as well as 17 other locations throughout the country and is headquartered in Southampton, PA.