Tanner Industries - Distributor of anhydrous and aqua ammonia

December 10, 2020
Falls Church, VA and Southampton, PA

Transcaer℠ Chairman's Award Presented To Tanner Industries Director

TRANSCAER℠ (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) is a voluntary, nationwide outreach effort that helps communities prepare for and respond to hazardous material transportation incidents. It is led by industry professionals who volunteer their time to support that mission.

David Binder, Director of Quality, Safety & Regulatory Affairs for Tanner Industries, Inc. received the award which was presented by Keith Silverman, outgoing TRANSCAER chairperson. Binder facilitates and instructs the Taming The Tiger Response to Anhydrous Ammonia training programs throughout the country and world. He is also Director of Tanner's Ammonia Safety & Emergency Response Training (ASERT℠) programs. Binder was a previous recipient of the Chairman's Award in 2010 when he chaired the curriculum committee for the Anhydrous Ammonia Training Tour/Program based on his efforts in developing and implementing the program and the training materials.

Tanner Industries, Inc, headquartered in Southampton, PA is a full service specialty chemical company involved with the distribution of anhydrous ammonia, ammonium hydroxide, and urea as well as related products and services, including storage tanks/systems, consulting, and emergency response training.