Tanner Industries - Distributor of anhydrous and aqua ammonia

September 29, 2009
Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Fire Department Award Presented To Tanner Industries' Director

At the Philadelphia Fire Department's Annual Business Awards Luncheon, which is sponsored by the officers and fire fighters of Division One, David Binder, Director of Quality, Safety & Regulatory Affairs for Tanner Industries Inc., was presented with the Department's Token Recipient Award. The award was presented for appreciation of Binder's cooperation in fire prevention and safety as well as his continued support of the Philadelphia Fire Department.

The luncheon brings together members of the local business community and the leadership and members of the Philadelphia Fire Department. This event affords a unique opportunity to personalize and strengthen the positive relationship between the business community and the Fire Department. It also allows the Department to recognize the citizenship shown by local businesses, which is manifested by an active concern for public safety, particularly fire prevention.

Greg Tanner, Vice President and part of the ownership of Tanner Industries, accepted on Binder's behalf. Tanner commented that Tanner Industries is committed to the support of our valued public responders and thankful for the recognition of the efforts of Mr. Binder. Our true appreciation belongs to the men and women of Division One and the entire Fire Department, whose tremendous efforts each day keep the City's businesses and communities safe and secure.

Tanner Industries, Inc., family owned and operated, is a full-service specialty chemical company, primarily dealing with the distribution of anhydrous ammonia and ammonium hydroxide products and services. It operates a facility in Philadelphia as well as 18 other locations throughout the country and is headquartered in Southampton, PA.