Tanner Industries - Distributor of anhydrous and aqua ammonia

Technical Grade

TECHNICAL (Grade A); Meets the following specifications:
• National Formulary (NF) for Strong Ammonia Solution
• Federal Specification O-A 451 F (except for packaging)
• Food Chemical Codex

Reagent Grade

Meets the following specifications in addition to Technical Grade Specifications:
• USP Reagent Grade
• American Chemical Society Specifications, Reagent Chemicals

Product Production Assay Range
(by weight, ammonia in water)
Color Specific Gravity
(at 60°F)
26° Baumé 29.4% to 30.0% Clear 0.8974 - 0.8957
25° Baumé 26.5% to 27.5% Clear 0.9061 - 0.9032
20.5° Baumé 18.5% to 19.5% Clear 0.9302 - 0.9276
Custom Batches Available Customer Requirements N/A N/A

Product Description

Aqua Ammonia (Ammonium Hydroxide) is a water solution of ammonia, and assay is determined by weight of ammonia in water. Each batch is tested for strength, color, and clarity. Trace element analysis are performed every 6 months by an independent lab, and are available for review.

For Technical Grade material the trace element specifications will vary depending on the public water supply for each facility. Therefore each facility has its own published trace element specifications.

Reagent Grade material is made using de-ionized or reverse osmosis (R/O) water and meets the American Chemical Society specifications for Aqua Ammonia.

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